Prometheus and Gaea ?

Why did Ayn Rand really name her characters Prometheus and Gaea ?

Prometheus was a Titan (an elder god) in Greek mythology who was punished for his crime of stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans.

Gaea is known as the mother goddess in Greek mythology. There were no other gods around besides her family members, so many of the gods she created were the result of “inbreeding.” She created many gods with her son Uranus.

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The Missing Flight

I am truly confused about this missing flight. How in the World can you lose a plane. Normal people lose stuff like their car keys, or pencil. Not a flight that is filled with nearly 250 people. To be exact, 239 people. That’s a lot of missing people. So in this short essay, I am going to state my opinions and claims on the stupidity of America regarding this situation.

And I’m pretty darn sure they all have loving families that are truly worried about them and want to know answers. These people have a life that they are living, they have a job, a daily schedule. And now, we don’t even know what they have. We don’t know if they have shelter or even something to eat. We don’t even know if they are alive. That’s a truly touching story. “239 People Were Found Dead From Missing Flight”. Imagine waking up to that headline while sipping your coffee. Horrible. I know.

I will actually blame a lot of people on this situation. First, I blame the pilot. The pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, had plenty of experience. So what could have possibly been happening that morning. Was he having a bad day? Did he not drink enough Coke? Did he drink a little? Who knows what could’ve been going through the pilots head at the time. A d the copilot is also responsible for this stupidity. And even if it wasn’t any of their faults. They have many forms of communication on a plane.

I guess no one will really know what happened. If these people are dead or alive. Or even if they are okay. All we know is that there is a WHOLE plane missing and we need to find it. QUICK.

Charlie Losing Hope

In this story, the main character, Charlie is beginning to lose hope. Although he really didn’t start off with much. Charlie is doubting that these test are making him any smarter. At the beginning of the story, he was excited, willingly, and open about these test. Like, while he as identifying the inkblots, he didn’t know what to do or how to react. He was just going with the flow and trying as hard as he could to reveal a picture. Same thing with the maze. The doctors made him race a mouse. Although he kept losing, he was willing to continue the process. Even with his so called “friends”.

Now that Charlie is actually getting smarter, he seems to catch up on a lot more things than he did before. Like with his ”friends”. He now knows that they were never his friends and that they would just use him for jokes and laugher. He also has started realizing stuff about his doctors. Stuff like, they aren’t as smart as they seem as.

Even though Charlie was beginning to lose hope around the time that he was revealing these things. And it made it even worse that he lose his job. He didn’t know what he had done, or why his factory coworkers would all make a petition saying he had to go. Once again he thought he was dumb. Losing hope. But he didn’t lose it entirely. He has began to realize that his writing skills was getting better. His grammar, his spelling, and his punctuation. He even learned what a comma is! Charlie went back to his old Progress Reports and saw all the bad mistakes he made. Oh, and he beat the mouse at the maze. And not just one time, multiple times.

Now as you can see, Charlie IS getting smarter and the test are working. Charlie is making much progress, and all he has to do, is fully capture that. He’ll see.